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Till 18.04.2021 the Main Library and Faculty Libraries are closed

The Main Library and Faculty Libraries – still closed

Till 18.04.2021 the Main Library and Faculty Libraries are closed!

During this period any financial punishment for the books kept will not be charged and the date of return is extended till 5.05.2021.

In any urgent cases please contact the Library using the ASK A LIBRARIAN or by phone: 71 320 5155 or 71 320 5203. Registration to the library is remotely - it is active all the time. The possibility of getting digital copies of articles and parts of printed books (with respecting the copyright) is active all the time. These orders can be sent to the e-mail address: wypozyczalnia.bg@upwr.edu.pl.

Principles of operation of The Main Library of Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences during COVID

How to register to the library

Registration to the library is remotely. Please send the completed and signed Declaration (ENG/PL) to: wypozyczalnia.bg@upwr.edu.pl

How to fill in declaration?

E-circulation sheet

E-circulation sheet for students of Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Science:

1. To receive a settlement on the e-circulation sheet, the student must settle their library account (no overdue items and no outstanding fees).
2. The E-circulation sheet is activated in the Dean's Office of the Faculty.
3. Information about the settlement is available on the account on USOSweb of Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Science.
4. If a student's account is clear, then the e-circulation sheet is ready without any student's activity in this area.
5. If there are still any obligations on student's account, a student must settle them and inform the Library about it - by phone (71 320-51-55) or by e-mail: wypozyczalnia.bg@upwr.edu.pl

Prolongation the books

There will be again the possibility of self-prolongation the books (only first time!) - after the logging into your own account.

Returning the books

Returning the books from The Main Library only using a book-slop situated in the wall od library (outside - see map).

Books borrowed from Faculty Libraries must be returned to these Libraries.

All returned books will be kept for three days in the quarantine, so their status in the catalogue will be "temporarily unavailable".

Map to a book-slop

Payment of receivables (penalty applied before 12th March and others)

First, please return the books to the Library, and then arrange a payment only into the bank account:

50-375 Wrocław, ul. C.K. Norwida 25
No: 79 1020 5226 0000 6102 0680 5776

Transfer title: name and surname + number of library card + late return of books (or other)

Confirmation of payment should be send by e-mail: wypozyczalnia.bg@upwr.edu.pl

All information about any needed payment one can find after loggin into the library account: My Library Card / Activities / Cash Transactions or: Multisearch / My account / Fine and Fees

Borrowing the books

You can just now order books through the library system and collect them during the Library's working hours.

Photocopies from printed resources

There is a posssibility of getting the digital copies of articles and parts od printed books (with respecting the copyright). These orders can be send to the e-mail address: wypozyczalnia.bg@upwr.edu.pl or online, using the ASK A LIBRARIAN on the main www.

For doctoral students - the defense of doctoral thesis

According to the decision of Rector of our University (Zarządzenie nr 48/2014 Rektora Uniwersytetu Przyrodniczego we Wrocławiu z dnia 26 marca 2014 roku), all signed and completed documents regarding the defense of doctoral thesis should be sent only by e-mail to the following address: sekretariat.bg@upwr.edu.pl

A copy of the doctoral dissertation can be delivered to the Library's secretariat only after the previous fixing of the date (to fix it also please contact the sekretariat: sekretariat.bg@upwr.edu.pl).

More information and obligatory documents

E-sources – log-in

All employees, doctoral students and students can use the remote access to the e-sources. .

How to log-in

Do not forget to login into your account first! Some of e-sources are visible only for logged users.


E-sources always available online:
 →  e-Journals, e-Books, Data Bases


Anyone can contact the Library by our website: ASK A LIBRARIAN.

People submitting an application for funding publications from the project „Dostęp do zasobów naukowych na rok 2020”, can contact by e-mail sekretariat.bg@upwr.edu.pl.


Knovel – a tool to enable online teaching and learning

In this webinar we will focus on ways to incorporate Knovel into the Engineering classroom, with a special focus on digital coursework given the challenges due to Covid. From use as a primary source for lab reports, experimental design, or research papers to including interactive equations with homework assignments Knovel has various possible applications to make the transition and use of online resources easier.

Gillian Brailsford will speak about all of this on 25th January at 14:30.

Click here to register


Not only for chemists!

SciFindern informs about a few webinars planned in the 2021 year. They will help improve a search effectiveness, allow to save time, to be more creative, and increase confidence in decision making.

First of them – just 20th of January 21.

Details and register


Ebsco’ trainings

The Main Library invites for two webinars organized by EBSCO (in English):


Web of Science and InCites - free webinars - January 2021

The Main Library invites everyone to know the new schedule of webinars organized by ClarivateTM. There is a possibility to register (with the language option). Details and registration

If you are interested in current information about webinars and news from Web Of Science – click here.


Chemical Safety Library for everyone

The Pistoia Alliance Chemical Safety Library (CSL), a searchable repository of crowd-sourced chemical safety incident information, was launched on a new open access platform specializing in scientific information solutions. It supports laboratory safety by providing unique crowd sourced data content containing hazardous reactions that can be used to alert scientists to potential dangerous experiments.

Link to repository


Elsevier Coronavirus Research Hub

The Main Library encourage to using free access to 14 different Elsevier content assets, solutions and services through October 28, 2020. Visit the Research Hub and register using your institutional email account.



Some news

Extended offer of e-resources

We offer several new test access to the bases: CHEMnetBASE, De Gruyter, Bloomsbury Food Library World Scientific Publishing, JSTORE, JSTORE eBOOKS and others.

Look at updated lists:
    - Polish journals in Open Access
    - databases and others

  • Use test access to collecton of of Bloomsbury (Food Library and Architecture Library) and of De Gruyter
  • Read online Forum Eksploatatora nr 2 and Technologia Wody nr 2
  • Read the new e-book: Study Guide for Understanding Pathophysiology 6th Edition by Sue E. Huether RN PhD, Kathryn L. McCance RN PhD

  • Useful links


    Free acces - Taylor & Francis

    Taylor & Francis gives all a chance to take advantage of many e-books and individual book chapters on a wide spectrum of subjects such as engineering, chemistry, history, culture science. All of them belong to the collection Open Access and one can read them or download them under the licence Creative Common.

    Taylor & Francis e-books

    Electronical resources – new collections!

    The Main Library informs you have access to the new collections of journals and books – BioOne Complete and CRCnetBase.
    We also encourage to testing trial access to Embase database.

    • logo_BioOne BioOne Complete – it is a full text database of leading, peer reviev journals of biological sciences.
      You have access to 208 titles.

        →  go to the   BioOne

    • logo_CRCnetBase CRCnetBase – you have access to one collection of this full text base – VetnetBase – about 100 books of veterinary published by CRC Press and Taylor & Francis between 1997 and 2019.

        →  go to the   CRCnetBase

    • logo_Embase Embase – you have opportunity to use trial access to this biomedical database of abstracts, which is focused on subjects such as pharmacology, toxicology, cardiology, oncology, clinical research and veterinary too. There you find information about the most important literature published between 1947 and 2019 in 8500 journals from 95 countries.

      Trial access is open to 4th of December   →   go to the   Embase


    Base of Knowledge of Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences


    Base of Knowledge is the modern system, where we complete information about output of WUELS’ researchers and students

    We are still working with this base – first of all, we add publications of authors affiliated to our university. Now we are focused on import all works of WUELS’ researchers from Aleph system of 2013-2018 period.

    Verification process of imported documents has not finished yet.
    Therefore, mistakes connected with scoring, affiliations or completeness of outputs may appear.

    Go to the Base of Knowledge