Rules of Circulation



The collection is made available:
  • on the spot - in the general Reading Room, in the Current Periodicals Reading Room, in the Reference Publications Reading Room with Library Computer Laboratory and in the Data Bases Service Laboratory,
  • outside the Library through the Local Lending Room and on the campus computer network (data bases concerning agricultural sciences),
  • by the inter-library lendings in the Current Periodicals Reading Room.
The base of borrowings is the current library card or active electronic students' card entitling to taking profits from all the branches of the Library. As to obtain the card or activate the electronic students' card one should call on the Lending Room and present:
  • Wrocław students: the identity card, valid electronic students' card and student's book with the current obligation card, or - when not having the student's book - the identity student's card with the current obligation card,
  • Wrocław schools and institutes' workers: the identity card and a certificate of employment,
  • pensioners and retired workers of the University: the identity card and the pensioner's card,
  • others: the identity card and the security payment for each borrowed book in the value defined by the special President's order.
Registration of readers and lendings:
it is run in an authomatized system. Each lending is registered on the computer account of a reader.
Detailed rules of using the collection are defined in "Regulamin działalności Biblioteki Głównej" (The Main Library Activity Regulations).

  phone (71) 320-5447

There are many grups who can lend the books from the main library: students, workers, doctoral students, post-diploma students, citizens of Wroclaw.

The registering of users and the registering of lended book works in the computer system. For log in to the catalogue one need only the students card (or the library card) and the password. Password is created from 5 digits: day - month - last digit of year birth like DD/MM/Y (for example 14th of February 1994 is 14/02/4 -> password: 14024)

There are two types of catalogue:
- traditional (paper) - only for older books and journals
- e-catalogue - accessible at several stands in the Library and by Internet.

The Local Lending Room is open from Monday to Friday, from 8 am till 7 pm and on Saturday from 8 am till 3 pm.

The rules of lending.


  phone (71) 320-54-47, (71)320-51-55

The right to use the Lending Room have: workers, doctoral and post-diploma students of the University and the students writing degree papers. Orders for fetching a book or xerox-copy from Polish or foreign libraries are completed by readers in the Lending Room by filling in an appropriate voucher.

Library materials fetched this way are available exclusively in the Current Periodicals Reading Room (the exception are xerox-copies). A reader may be charged with the cost of making a xerox-copy and with the cost of sending if a library lending together with the xeroxes sends the bill. All orders realized by foreign libraries are payable.

Doctoral students and students writing degree papers present certificates acknowledged by a professor conferring a degree.


In the General Reading Room one can use the basic set of literature according the main disciplines which are represented on our University. There is also available the handy collection of encyclopedic literature, albums, atlases, guidebooks, etc. All of these items are available with free access for all users. Only when one wants to order any item from the magazine,
it is necessary to ask a librarian on duty for help.



There are polish and foreign journals: scientific, popular-scientific, newspapers and also some books - representing these same subjects like journals - according the disciplines which are typical for our University, also some about the law, social sciences and fiction literature. There is a free access for all books and journals, but we ask to raport to the librarian, which items you have read - for ststistical point of view.

Current journals are present in this Reading Room till the last issue of the current year. Earlier issues are availiable after ordering them.

In this Room one can read the doctoral thesis before the public exam.

This Reading Room is also an information center, so one can ask the librarian for help:
- how to use the the Library
- how to use e-bases available in the Library
- how to use e-journals and e-books
- how to use all e-sources
- how to find any books or articles, even if they are not present in our Library

In this Reading room one can use Internet, all e-sources available in the Library, legal norms (paper and/or e-version). There are also some encycopedics, dictionaries on the shelves.

Current Periodicals Reading Room / Information Center is open from Monday to Friday, from 8 am till 7 pm.


This Reading room is situated on the second floor in the Department of Science Information and Education. The arranging of tables, chairs and pufs allow to learn in a quiet, but also a work in group, discussions, etc. One can use also an own laptops, notebooks. There are always also some books for bookcrossing.

There is a posssibilty to reserve the whole room - after previous contact with the Library (personalny, by phone or e-mail): 71 320-5156, 71 320-5446, e-mail:

Group / Project Reading Room is open from Monday to Friday, from 8 am till 3 pm.